Simidude 1.3.2 withdrawn - again

Torsten Uhlmann

Thu, 16 Jul 2009

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

I’m very very sorry for this trouble but today I had to withdraw my Simidude 1.3.2 release again. There is a major installer problem on the Mac side. I have reports from users that the Windows version works great, so no problem here. However I added a step to the installer to remove files from previous installations. I told the installer to delete the contents of the installation dir. On Windows this would be C:\\Program Files\\Simidude for instance. On Mac however this is /Applications because an application directory is treated as some kind of special file. Alas my installer tried to remove everything from /Applications which I only recognized today when I tried to read my mail and my program was gone. Now thanks to Time Machine all the files get rolled back in place, but I sincerely hope no one of you guys was installing 1.3.2 on a Mac! After properly testing the installer changes on Mac Linux and Windows I’m gonna release a new version- again. Torsten.