I'm a Twitterer now- finally

Torsten Uhlmann

Wed, 25 Feb 2009

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

After reading much about Twitter and wondering if I might want to join this thing I decided a few days ago that I want to and then actually did. I am in the process of figuring out how to use it effectively and how to provide the most value to my followers. Speaking of which- let me invite you to follow me on Twitter. I think I was most compelled to think about the Twitter value when reading a marketing articleon Peldi’s blog. Well if you want to sell online products I guess you have to use online marketing techniques, right? And one of these is blogging- writing about things and giving free value to your readership. Twitter is like a micro blog- but more so it’s a way to communicate with a group of people. You know, we got our first telephone (landline to my parents home) in 1995. Before that I had to go to a public phone and shell out amounts of money to call my friends. See how much the world changed? Nowadays I use Skype, Xing, my blog, and now Twitter to communicate. For a lot less money to a lot more people. I like technology…