Simidude 1.2.0 released

Torsten Uhlmann

Sat, 24 Jan 2009

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

I’m pretty excited to finally release version 1.2.0 of AGYNAMIX Simidude. Based on the feedback of customers and testers I have implemented some exciting new features:

  • Clipboard entries can now be saved to disk: With a right click on the item in the clipboard table you get a new menu entry “Save as…“. Every type of clipboard entry, even clipboard images, can saved to disk this way! For images, just choose the extension “jpg”, “png” or “bmp” to save the image in the corresponding format. Simidude is now an easy way to copy part of an image and save it to disk!
  • Activate item in default application: Choosing this menu entry from the context menu will open the clipboard entry with the registered default application. Clipboard images will be saved as “jpg” files and Text as “txt” files and open by the registered application. Contents of remote files or directories is downloaded prior to opening them. BTW, Simidude automatically recognizes an URL within a Clipboard text and will open the URL in the default browser when you double click on it or press enter when the entry is highlighted.
  • Easily create a text entry: Simidude now contains a simple text dialog that you can use to write some text directly into Simidude.
  • Remove entries from all connected clients: There are now menu entries to clear the clipboard table on all connected clients, or only the selected entry. Pressing the “Shift” key along with the two remove buttons in the toolbar has the same effect. The “Shift” modifier changes the remove action from just altering the local client to effecting all connected clients.
  • New keyboard shortcuts: I’ve introduced some keyboard shortcuts to access Simidude’s features more easily. For instance you could press “Del” or “Backspace” to delete an entry. Using the “Shift” modifier works here, too. Pressing “Enter” the selected entry will be opened in it’s default application.
  • Update checker can be disabled: In the preferences you can now set when you want the Update checker to run. This can be “Never”, “Once a week” or “On every start”.
  • Of course I also fixed a bunch of bugs.

Please go ahead and download the new version. You can order Simidude for just €26 from our order page. You only need to pay once for any number of connected clients! If you have questions, ideas or comments please drop me a note. Enjoy, Torsten.