Simidude Version 1.0.0 released

Torsten Uhlmann

Tue, 16 Dec 2008

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

Today I’d like to announce, after much sweat, the release of Simidude 1.0.0. Simidude is an easy to use cross platform Drag&Drop and clipboard synchronization tool. During the last weeks I have cleaned up the code and made the program easier to use and to install (I hope). Simidude clients now install pretty much hassle free- if you have computers whitin the same subnet (which usually is the case for small companies or home networks) the clients connect to each other automatically. If you put something in one computers clipboard it will be synchronized to all other connected clients. From there you can activate the item on the target machine and paste it to where it should go. I had the original idea for this application while surfing the net on my developer machine, looking for information how to setup a certain thing. When I found what I needed I searched for a way to transport the URL between those machines. I found several options:

  • USB stick
  • email the link
  • network share

While all of the alternatives above do work they are not really smooth. In addition to this I sometimes work with virtual machines where I do not setup a shared folder or I do not have a network share available. Now Simidude solves the above problems. I install it on all the systems I want to hook together, enter a group name and a password and Simidude starts looking for other instances. When it found other clients it exchanges information with them. So if you already have information in one instance it will eventually travel to all connected clients. If you have similar problems then please don’t hessitate and drive over to the Simidude download site and grab a trial version yourself. Simidude is available for an introductory price of €25,95 for Windows Vista and XP, Mac OS X (Tiger and Leopard) and Linux. Please not that there might still be some rough edges in the application. Please report any missing features or bugs at our helpdesk. A version 1 license will be valid for all version 1 updates, so you don’t loose money if you buy early. On the contrary, you will benefit from our introductory price and our polite support. Thanks for reading this far! Have a nice day, Torsten Uhlmann, Founder