Simidude- Easy to use cross platform drag & drop

Torsten Uhlmann

Thu, 06 Nov 2008

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann

The above statement is the tag line for my new software, Simidude. The name means something like “similar dude” which reflects the nature of the thing. The application synchronizes the clipboard of your computer over its border with other computers that also run Simidude. It also allows you to drag a file, folder or text unto one Simidude window and, after wandering over to your other machine, drag it from there to its destination.


I often work with different computers. I have one development machine. On this computer I have several virtual machines for testing purposes. Then I work on a client’s machine which he gave me specifically for the work in his projects. Now it happened often enough that I was searching the web for some information. When I found a URL I needed to transfer it to one of the other machines. To do this I would either send the URL via mail and grab the mail from the other machine or put the URL in a text file which I would then copy to a network drive or usb stick. Well, most often I would just rewrite the URL on the target machine. I now from people I work with at my client’s offices that suffer from the same problem. Multiple machines but no easy way to quickly transfer this kind of data between them. That was when the idea for Simidude was born. [caption id=“attachment_64” align=“alignright” width=“300” caption=“Simidude beta”]Simidude beta[/caption] Develop an application that would run on different platforms. It sits quietly in the background and monitors your clipboard. Whenever you copy something into it it would send the contents over to the other connected machines. From one of the machines you could then activate the previously copied item and paste it to where you need it. To spice the thing up some bit I thought Drag&Drop might be a great idea, too. So now you can take a file, url, text or even a folder and drag it unto one Simidude instance. From one of the other connected Simidude instances you drag the item and drop it to its destination- drop a url into your browser, text into a word processor or files into the file system. It’s actually pretty simple. So this blog will hold information about the development status of Simidude as well as other stuff I run across while developing it. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, please see Simidude’s support page for contact options. I always welcome your feedback! Enjoy the ride, Torsten.